Finalist juries

Prof. Yin Shaochun

Yin Shaochun (China)


        Yin Shaochun was born in April 1957 and obtained his PhD in arts. Currently he worked as the Professor,PhD supervisor in College of Humanity, and head of Asian Art Education Research Centre in Capital Normal University. He also worked in College of Art, Academic Committee, College of Preschool Education in Capital Normal University.


        Meanwhile, he worked as member of Art Education Committee, Committee of Experts of National Primary Educational Materials,and Review Committee of Art Educational Materials in Ministry of Education.He is the director of Art Curriculum Standard Development Group. He also worked as member of Chinese Artists Association of Children’s arts and Head of vice direct of Committee of Experts on Public Education of Chinese Art Museum.


        His research areas are art education and art theory. He has led the work on formulating and revising Chinese art curriculum standard for more than 16 years and acts as the leaders of Chinese primary art education. He has written and edited more than ten monographs and published over then thesis. He also attended many academic forums.